A delay to Brexit is 'almost inevitable', Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon tells FRANCE 24

(James Higginson) #1
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(Michael Archer) #2

Bookies think so as well, they are going 1/4 on an extension.

(John Scully) #3

Yet another blow to May’s credibility. Her catch phrase should be “no, no, no, never, never, never… Oh, OK then”.

(Jane Williamson) #4

The grass roots right wingers of the Tory Party met yesterday and backed her to the hilt.
This shows the amount of schism there now is in the Conservatives.
We will have to put our hope in Parliament and carry on shouting for our corner.

(John Scully) #5

So she’s achieved her goal of getting the ERG onside but lost everyone else except the DUP, who are still pulling her strings. Another exciting week ahead.

(Paul Flinders) #6

I don’t think she has really “got the ERG on side” - all she has done is to accomodate them in order to stop the Tory party splitting. In the short term this is an achievement in itself but I don’t think the longer term analysis, when it is done, will be kind to May’s premiership.

I see she has delayed the “meaningful vote again”, it will now take place March 12th

Given that it is almost certain she will not, and has probably abandoned any hope of getting the EU to alter the WA one can only assume that her only  plan is to get to the point that parliament is faced with “my deal or no deal” with literally no time left.

Even if she brow-beats her deal through Brexit has done huge amounts of damage and, for those already tired of the debate, it provides very little which is concrete regarding our future relationship with the EU.

(Chris Kite) #7