A ‘Dislike’ button?

SF(N) adopted (readopted if I recall) the ‘Like’ button some years ago. Many thought it a silly idea but it seems to have worked well since.
So why not have a ‘Dislike’ button so we can give an opinion without writing a post ?


I think it would be an excellent idea and offer balance.

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Maybe a bit like this? image


I don’t like either the ‘like’ button or the ‘dislike’ proposal.
The Guardian’s ‘recommend’ system (an up arrow) is better I think.
The problem with ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ is that some posts are sad or upsetting, but still well worth reading, or recommending to others - but you don’t want to ‘like’ (or ‘dislike’) something heartfelt - even if distressing.
A more neutral, less judgemental ‘recommended post’ up-arrow would be better.
(The Guardian’s facility to sort posts by recommendations is also useful - it doesn’t eliminate different viewpoints - which would obviously be a bad thing - but does tend to cut out the nonsensical or boring - which is great).

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We have considered this previously but decided against it. I can’t remember exactly why but @james may?

I’m not a fan of dislike buttons, imo they tend to diminish the level of conversataion. Liking (button) something is more whimsical, showing support for an idea or sentiment. Disliking needs an explanation or it promotes negativity/distrust.


Wot, you mean like threatening to ban people for giving non-offensive comments ?

I’m clearly not up to speed with something!

Perhaps then a dislike button that, if you click it, brings up a response box so you have to add a comment to the dislike. It may mean it wouldn’t be used willy-nilly. Not advocating a dislike button just suggesting a way to have one in a way that would ease your concerns.
Maybe a vote of members could be taken? I know this isn’t a democracy but an anonymous poll to determine what members think?
Izzy x

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You clearly are not James.

perhaps you would like to enlighten @james… I’m confused too :thinking:

If you are referring to me (which you clearly are), and you have a point to make, perhaps you’d like to make it rather than just allude to ‘ threats’.

Quite correct Irene , it’s not democratic telling someone which topics they may prefer to contribute to by adding a red flag !
Have a red flag or whatever turns you on but don’t suggest to people with a sense of humour they keep away from that topic, or else !

I think you have missed the point of the feature suggestion. It’s an intended improvement not a conspiracy.


@Peter_Bird you are seriously missing the point here Peter.
There has been much commentary on the benefits of keeping specific topics on-topic - there have been two such very good posts this very moring if you care to research more closely, one from @strudball and the other from @kirsteastevenson where Kirstea wrote:

"I do keep wondering if people have got the wrong end of the stick, or I have perhaps, because it seems like a very sensible and smart idea if it’s what I read it as; the odd thread that is kept as a reference rather than conversation thread so the important information is easy to find. "


I don’t mind the red flag proposal at all. And there would be nothing to stop you adding any comment you wanted but it would likely be removed. If you wanted to comment on a red flag topic then you could just copy the post you wanted to respond to a nd create a new unflagged thread.
I don’t think anyone is suggesting stiffling conversation.
Izzy x


… automatically bans you for a month?


only if its on a post by james or cat :smiley:

I’m with James - so it’s a “dislike” :-1: from me on the dislike button. :slight_smile:


Using the dinner party analogy, I find the easiest thing to do is just to walk away from a comment or discussion I dislike and find someone more convivial.
People out to be “controversial” (whatever form that takes) feed on response, in fact especially if it is negative (including dislike buttons). That just gives them more oxygen.
I intensely dislike the sexist jokes / cartoons that sometimes appear on here and in my youth I used to retaliate to such things. Now, I just think “leopards and spots” and turn away. My view is that when it is over the top @cat and @james will manage such things much more effectively and if they tolerate it, it is their site, so be it.

Which is a long-winded way of saying I think dislikes will do more harm than good.