A dramatic event in a quiet Flemish square!


Sorry James I just didn't recognise you. Next time I'll do a proper job and pinch your wallet as well!

Thanks for that David, you could have waited until I'd got on the bus though ;)

I got to my village from a visit to Paris. The first thing I was was the village drunk lying on the road in a comatose state. Picked him up and put him in the bus shelter. It is quioter here in Brittany but not without incident. Our house fronts the only square and we get to see most things that happen.

Funny , Funny ,Funny


It is the funniest thing I have seen in ages!

Brilliant James!! Thank you very much. It made me laugh out loud, and believe me, thats a major achievement at the moment ! XX

Brilliant!!! Thanks for posting James! :-))

Superb!!! loved it...could do with a bit of that here in sleepy Dordogne....!


Brilliant - can we hire them for my village ! :-)

Terrific fun! Thanks James.

Well (dramatic pause) that just knocked my socks off. I shall calmly go back to my packing now :) Fabulous mate!