A few photos from here in Vietnam

Hi... All best wishes for the future of this group. Here are a few photos from last week in Vietnam.

Les gens sont tres gentils ...et le decor change un peu de la Vendee...!

Love very much especially the photo of pineapple, having spent three hours with two friends helping them to draw these fascinating fruits.

Sorry to be a tad delinquent in responding, Jon. I love the clarity and saturation of colors in your most recent photo you shared. You have captured a moment in time without it looking cliche'. Does your gallery have a website?

Thanks for the encouragement Debra.I am not at all a photographer,but actually have been a brocanteur and low level ! art dealer in France for the last 30 years. I love paintings but don't paint at all myself.I will be in Vietnam another ten days, then back to France, then back here again ASAP. ..Will post the photo that I wanted to do, but a slip of the finger put a different one on....tam biet ! from VN

Hi Jon! Welcome to Art Without Limits! I am very happy that you are sharing your photographs here. I viewed all your photos. Your first shot has a strong composition. The red buoy (I think it is a buoy...) anchors the photo and provides a nice bit of punch to it. The photo of the pineapples in the sepia tone has a wonderful sense of design. I also like the range of values in it. The highlights on the left contrast well against the pineapples piled in the background. The photo taken with the curtains framing the main subject is visually very appealing. It is sd if there is a frame within the photo. Well done! I look forward to seeing more of your work.