A few watercolours

(carol Ann Alexander Nicholls) #1

I have been watching the postings, thinking when I get a min I will post something Easter Sunday morning quite time, some watercolour paintings of flowers, I seam to be always working on illustrations for somethings or a other chocolate bar wrappers, Cosmetics labels, book covers, commissions for painting the latest is on it's way to Washington USA., development drawings you can find my work all over the world. this week I been work is a bit hush hush until the company launch the new product.

(carol Ann Alexander Nicholls) #2

hI Barbara thanks that must be the Lavender I had little time to do that one, and used just the brush,

(carol Ann Alexander Nicholls) #3

thank you, and for twitter I will add you

(Courtney Wilding) #4

Thanks Carol, got your site and liked you facebook page.

(barbara craig) #5

As the loosest piece I feel this is the most interesting/successful of the 'bunch'

(carol Ann Alexander Nicholls) #6

Hi Courtney,

Thank you, I do have website it's here http://carolcartaxo3.wix.com/designer-illustrator.

(Courtney Wilding) #7

Hi Carol, really nice work, do you have a website?

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