A Few Ways With Broccoli by Chrissie Ott and Helen AH

Trim about three inches off the stem, and split the stem that remains.

Gently cook in a large saucepan that’s about a quarter full of water.

Drain and put on a plate or dish.

Either serve with cheese sauce, or a tomato sauce (see my recipe) that

is spiked with some chilli to pack a bit of punch. Sprinkle with cheese

of your choice to serve.


I always steam broccoli. Often, I then put it in a dish, sprinkle over

cooked lardons, a small carton of bechamel, top with grated cheese and

grill till brown and crispy. Quick, cheap and yum.

Or I pull the broccoli into tiny florets and use it in a stir fry, with

slices of red and yellow peppers, mange tout, sliced mushrooms, spring

onions (halved or quartered lengthways) beansprouts (when I can get the

fresh ones), ginger, garlic, sweet sherry, soy sauce. Add a bit of

protein in the shape of slivered chicken or duck, prawns… and it’s a

lovely (and super quick) supper.