A film about Eric Ravilious

I’m keen to watch it as I love Ravilious’ work, it’s simplicity and form. There’s a permanent exhibition of his work at Towner Gallery in Eastbourne and I treat myself to a visit on the rare occasions I’m back in the UK.

I like the Dieppe ferry route so a visit to see Ravilious’ work then a ride (I take my motorbike if I go back) down the coast road (and the South Downs that inspired him) to Newhaven seems a perfect way to end the visit.

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You should also consider visiting the Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden. Ravilious worked in Essex for many years and the gallery holds a useful archive.


I certainly shall if I’m ever back in the UK!

I read that article this morning. Very interesting, I’m a fan or water colours too and have accumulated a few over the years. For example this one by Harry Kernoff.

The Handy Shop after rain, Killarney 1945.

Saw the exhibition on him at Dulwich Art Gallery a few years back, which was wonderful. And his contemporary Edward Burra is also a favorite. Brilliant artists.

Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge too I think.