A foodie turns 40!

To celebrate a BIG birthday some people throw a party for friends and family with food, drink, music, dancing (too loud and racy for me). Others challenge themselves to climb a mountain or run a marathon (too much like hard work for me). Others take off on a special holiday with loved ones (would have been nice!). For me it is all about food, growing it, cooking it and especially eating it. With Ed at school and Ade returned to work and jetting from France to Switzerland to Czech Republic I find myself alone in my kitchen on my 40th birthday – YIPPEE!

I started my day with a real treat; fresh coffee and a warm croissant from the village boulangerie – I would happily start every day like this, but the calorific content means it is something I savour and enjoy on special occasions only. Mid morning I always stop for my morning coffee and dark chocolate, so a treat for today as I’d already had a coffee, and to really push the celebrations up a notch or two I had some very special chocolate with chilli (kindly posted to me for my birthday xxx). If you have never tried chilli chocolate you really should get out and try some today!

Lunch was a dilemma – a bowl of curried butternut squash soup with homemade bread or a slice of a Tarte Dijonnaise from a new recipe I tried last night. I did what any self-respecting foodie would do and had both! Then, a piece of my delicious fat-free cake (apple flavoured) with a cup of mint tea made a very tasty dessert.

My ultimate food heaven will probably shock some of you, but here goes; the humble thin crusted (preferably wood fire cooked) pizza! It’s not French, it’s not classy, but I love it! It is also one of Ed’s favourites and requested by him for tonight. The dough and the tomato sauce were homemade and there were a variety of homegrown veggies on the topping, plus one of our eggs added for the last few minutes cooking – delicious! Add to that a cheese platter and a glass or two of M Vilneau’s 2008 Merlot and I’m left with a cosy, warm and satisfied feeling.

Cheers to you all!

Always keep a spare here too Jane - not sure the neighbours would have been too happy at Ed and I turning up at the door with half cooked pizzas!

We have a gas barbecue, so in effect, we always have a spare bottle and I’mI’m glad you had a good time, washing down the pizza!

Thanks, I can assure you Jane that one or two more than 2 glasses of wine were sunk!!! I too love a curry, but Ed prefers pizza - it was just a shame the gas bottle ran out halfway through cooking them, but that is one the pleasures of rural French living!!!

Sounds lovely, my 40th birthday was a washout. Big surprise meal planned by my husband, at a gourmet restaurant with friends from all over turning up. Unfortunately, 4 days beforehand our (then) 15 month old daughter was hospitalised with sever gastro, so we spent Christmas day and my 40th birthday in the hospital - bughhh, not a foodie delight at all.
Will have to do better for my 50th!

Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable day!

Whatever floats your boat!
Personally for me it ould be a curry and possibly more than two glasses of wine.