A good news banking story

After all the bank problems people have had I feel I should share my story from today

This month, we knew we where going to be a little short for cash due to changes of contracts meaning we have to wait till next month for some back pay, so We emailed the bank asking for an overdraft of 300 euro, they agreed without question, and sent the paperwork, and added it to our account immediately, a couple of days later having done the maths we worked out 500 would be better, again this was applied immediately and no further paperwork needed.

But, more to my surprise, the lady from the bank has just emailed me, telling me that as we have direct debits due to go out on Monday, before I get paid on Wednesday our overdraft will only just cover them (we know this, and that’s why we asked for 500, I have some cash under the pillow) so she has increased our overdraft to 800 to make sure we have enough for the weekend…

What great service from Credit Mutuel, we don’t have to pay anything extra for having the extra on our overdraft if we don’t use it, yet had we defaulted on the DD we would have had big charges. Top marks to a great advisor

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Wow! I’d definitely have to say she’s the exception to the rule !