A good story - ferronnier

we work for a big seasonal enterprise and it is my joy each year to get various trades to help us - jobs big and small, complex and easy... you might imagine it can be a little trying.

still, we've been in france for more than 5 years now and i'm used to the french way...

but this year we've had an amazing experience with a Ferronnier (iron worker...)

he's made some quite complex and decorative gates, handrails, a fence and a pergola for us. they are beautiful, perfect. he came and fitted them 2 weeks early. he gave us a small discount as he'd 'found' the perfect lock for one of the gates. the fitting in particular is tidy, sturdy, smart.

i'm so happy i wanted to share a recommendation (his wfie speaks english & they reply to emails!)

Philippe Cavagna, 84110 Roaix, Vaucluse

email - philippe.cavagna@neuf.fr