A good Summer?

If a long, miserable winter is a portent of a Good Summer, it should be positively tropical here this Year, roll on :+1: :wink:

At some point, every winter, I say to myself… just remember this, when you complain about the heat in the summer… :smile::roll_eyes::upside_down_face:

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Never complain Stella, I just pop along to the beer fridge :grin:

I hope so, less than three months until the summer solstice!

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On occasion… I find myself longing for air-conditioning… but give myself a strict talking-to… and, more often than not, then go and tidy/sweep the large stone (and very cool) building near where we live…the chill of which will send me rushing back, thankfully, into the heat after a while… :upside_down_face:

I would find, no ac in the car unpleasant in the summer, but the house never gets too warm, the stone walls keep the place cool. But in Portugal, it got a bit 'ot at times, the traditional houses, like mine was were cleverly designed. The roof was bamboo, covered in tiles, so the air passed through easily, the floor was porous brick, so in the morning, the floor had a wetting, with water, so during the day, this evaporated providing a refrigerating effect, cooling the interior, not daft those folks :wink:

Sadly… folk keep going and coming… at our house in the summer and they let the hot air in on each occasion…:roll_eyes:

So… eventually… the lovely, thick stone walls fight a losing battle… although, to be fair, this is usually during those periods when the night-time temps don’t drop and the locals call it a canicule… phew…

The biggest mistake many people make in the summer is to open their windows when it is hot. My house stays cool in the summer because despite being south facing it has retained its traditional small windows.

Heartily agree David… now, if I could persuade folk to simply materialise “like on startrek” instead of coming in… and worse… standing chatting in open doorway… :wink:

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