A Great Place to live

Having visited France a few time, mostly on just passing though, speeding down the motorway is not the way to feel the land, or for the country to take my hart. However having many friends who live or have lived in France I can fully understand, why so many expats choose live in France.

For me it was Spain where my roots have gown over the past decade, and much has happened in that time, for one I have gotten older although I do not feel any older then in my 30s. I think living in a country not of your birth gives you that younger feeling for live, its so much unlike the rush and busy UK, for one, you have the feeing of time for all the things you ever wanted to do.

It’s a great place to live, which is also the name my new video, where I show you many of the things I love about the area in which I live.

Southern Spain, sorry, no chance, give me a green and fertile countryside any day. But each to their own.

lol I think it will be aother 20 years before I retire too, nice to hear from you.

Interesting Carol, perhaps in 20 years time when I'll be ready to retire, or mor elike 30 at the rate they keep uping the retirement age! For the moment, family, work and life's here in France. Bonne chance ;-)