A Group Photograph the story of 46 officers of the 8th Royal Berkshire Regiment and their descendants, including my grandsons

The wonderful research which has been done by Andrew Tatham, whose great great grandfather came out of retirement to train these men before they were sent out to France to take part in the Battle of Loos and other actions, is contained in his book A Group Photograph about which there is an article in the Daily Mail today.

In September my family went to Ypres to be part of a reunion of the descendants of these brave men and to have a preview of the magnificent exhibition which was put on by the In Flanders Field Museum.

We met other families and had another group photograph taken.

We visited the Museum in Loos and the battlefield and cemeteries and attended the evening service at the Menin Gate in Ypres.

Andrew has beeninterviewed twice by Jeremy Vine on his radio show about his book and it is now becoming recognised for the wonderful tale of research and history which it is.

I know the reputation of the Daily Mail is questionable, but they have certainly done the right thing here.

I can heartily recommend Andrew’s book A Group Photograph, it is unique.

My husband’s grandfather was Cyril Williamson, number 9 in the article.