A hopefully simple what if question buying in France

Do excuse our naivety but our heads are awash with wonderful thoughts at the moment. Having accepted an offer on our property in the U.K. we are ready to move permanently to France. Our next step is to visit potential homes we have monitored for some time. The big question is what happens if ( as we have sadly seen before) the sale of our property falls through after we have agreed a purchase in France.
In other words does the process in France work like it does in the UK or is your deposit at risk ?

For once the answer is in fact very simple: your notaire will insert a “clause suspensive” (=get-out clause) in the contract, to the effect that the purchase is subject to the sale of your UK property.

A good notaire will always check before drawing up the contract whether your ability to proceed is conditional on selling another property or obtaining a mortgage, but you need to make absolutely sure the clause is there before you sign anything, in order protect yourselves.


Thank you Anna. Very grateful for quick response :slight_smile: