A Huge Pill to Swallow

At first I thought I thought this was a joke, Huw Pill, really!
Certainly the right named person to tell the UK that they need to get used to being poorer. Funny how the chap blames everything but Brexit.
Perhaps what hasn’t helped is the 10% rise us poor pensioners get this month?

No funny how the well off expect the poorer people to tighten their belts.


Its our fault, too many poor people bleeding society dry.

Too many older people bleeding society dry you mean.:grinning::grinning:

Yes, poor form for anyone to think that brings pensioners back after 10%+ overall inflation last year they will never get back (I think they got 3%).

The government uses September inflation in the previous year to determine any increase I think and it does not seem as bad at that time as in reality it may turn out for the full year.

Yes the Governor of the Bank of England was urging workers to exercise restraint in their requests for wage rises due to the cost of living, approximately 1 year ago.

Plus ça change…

Shame the companies didnt exercise restraint before increasing their prices 40-50%

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Millionaire economist on £200K salary tells people to ‘suck it up’, he’s quite right of course as we’ve got no other choice. Isn’t it refreshing to see someone telling us the truth no matter how unpalatable, no need to feel ashamed queuing at the food bank now.