A Hunter gets his come-uppance?

Whilst it would be unkind to laugh at another’s misfortunes… I must admit the headline to this article did make me want to smile… :wink:

I know that Canada geese can be a nuisance, but this is a totally new way.

As an American, he can always sue Canada for a couple of millions … :wink:
The American dream come true …

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Nanny taught us to " always leave a little something on your plate…" supposed to be a sign of good manners… (huh, I liked to eat the lot)

These were obviously well brought up Lions… left the head, for manners … :sunglasses:

I would like to think that they left the head as a warning to other poachers. Pity elephants and rhinos can’t do the same.

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Poor lions - hope they didn’t get poachers tummy!

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