A job is offered

A friend of mine has just sold a chateau to a family from abroad and they are
looking for experienced guardiens who have a love and knowledge of horses.
The duties will include gardening, looking after the pool and all sorts of odd jobs.
There will be a separate dwelling for the couple and a remuneration will be discussed.
Recent references would be essential.
The property is located in the Entre - deux - mers region.
In the first instance get in touch with me and I will pass your details on.
Barbara johnchinon@hotmail.com

Hi there
Can’t seem to get through on your email address ?



They will of course be paying at least the SMIC won’t they Barbara?

David I have no idea about the legal and financial arrangements.

I am mentioning this future position in the hope that all three parties will benefit.

If it was my choice I would suggest A E and the employees could also

take on other work …of some suitable type.

They wouldn’t really be auto-entrepreneurs though would they Barbara.

David is this an interigation?

As long as you and I are doing things correctly there is no need pose any


I imagine that all parties have or will have an accountant here in France

to help.

I have nothing to do with the job …other than helping to put people in touch

with each other. I like helping people when I can.