A Lazy Sunday

Half term has arrived, the alarm clock has been switched off and I was so looking forward to a lie in this morning. However, the cats had other ideas. Willow is a sickly cat, she was the runt of the litter and to be approaching 14 is way more than we ever expected of her, but this summer she has suffered digestion issues. A change of diet to soft paté like food has helped, but every so often she is sick. Last night she was sick three times at 2 hourly intervals - bearing in mind she sleeps under the covers and curled around my legs this was 3 rather unpleasant wake up calls! Poppy her sister is a far more robust creature and rarely sick, however, having stuffed herself on delicatessen ham bought by the lovely Pierrette, our neighbour (see here), she then hopped into my warm bed for an early morning snuggle which seemed to upset her tum too. Having leaped out of bed and mopped up 4 piles of cat puke between midnight and 8.00am I decided to give up on the lie in and head downstairs for a cup of tea - I know when I’m beat! It was a lazy slobby morning I admit, so when I saw Pierrette and Dominique (both in their 70’s) busy cleaning and polishing the car (P) and painting the shutters, having already been and planted his garlics (D), I wished I had some of their drive and energy!

To explain the picture above, as I forgot to photograph the cat puke, these are some of the gifts Ed received from his friends for his birthday. When did 11 become so grown up? He was given an Eau de Toilette for Men, called Whiskey (be very glad this isn’t a smellovision blog) from a girl friend (or stalker as Ade calls her) who would LOVE to be his girlfriend, a pen in a pretty box with Je t’Adore written on it, from an other girl friend and my favourite of all a mug with Serial Lover written on it - you guessed it, from another girl friend! Her Mum said yesterday she thought that was a good choice as he is always hanging out with the girls! GO ED!

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