A load of balls 🏉


Given the popularity of ball sports in a recent thread, especially Rugby & Football, I’ve started a post just for that!

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I’d be interested to know which team people support and whether they have started to support a French team since living here and whether they go to matches here.

I’m a Tottenham Hotspur supporter and used to go to matches when I lived in the UK. It’s something I really miss. I haven’t been able to get into French football but I do follow our local (and very successful) rugby team, Castres Olympique, although never made it to a match yet.

I did once go to a rugby match in the UK, many years ago, in North London. I believe it was Wasps. Never seen sport quite as brutal as that. Enormous men running into each other at full speed made the earth shake. They can really take a beating!!

I was a Chelsea supporter when I was younger, but now I’m just a supporter of good football. Just wish the National teams players could show their club form in the World Cup, European champs etc. I’d be surprised (but delighted) if we ever won it again.
Rugby has never appealed to me.

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Despite being born and bred in Norfolk I have always supported Leeds United and always will, I have no interest in other teams including England.

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Which bit of Norfolk Tim ?

I’m from Yarmouth and was taken to Carrow Road when I was growing up and later went to both Carrow Road and Portman Road when I was able to drive. This is despite me being a Spurs fan !
Mandy, Castres have a decent rugby XV side tho’ they have struggled sice being French champions a few years back. Depending on where you are your nearest rugby league team will be either Lézignan or Carcassonne from the French first division on Réalmont maybe from the third division. Lézignan have a good side this season and play some entertaining rugby. I’m a seasonticket holder at Albi RL tho’ I enjoy the union games too.

I go and watch Brive in the top 14 :football::football: (They are bottom of the league) whenever I can

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Spent a few months with the boat in Les Sables d Olonne one winter, enjoyed watching the Rugby team on Sundays, made good afternoon :slightly_smiling_face:

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I watched Spurs lose at Portman Road once!

I’m a bit sad that I’ve missed the Wembley season as I imagine it’s been a great experience. I did manage to get to the old Wembley for the Worthington Cup Final in 1999 where we beat Leicester 1-0. Terrible game but wonderful experience. Never see so many grown men crying and hugging each other!

Where are you living Peter? I assume you are reasonably close to me in the Tarn if you go to Albi for the rugby. I live in Albine about half an hour east of Castres.

Strange that I can only recall Spurs beating Norwich once (0-2 if I recall) at Carrow Road, the rest were one all draws ! Didn’t see that final Mandy as I was in France at that time but I did watch the even more boring win over Norwich in the '70s in the final when Ralph Coates scored the only goal.
Coincidentally, my first trip to the old Wembley was in 1967 to watch the Schoolboy International England v Scotland where a certain Steve Perryman played for England boys. Yes, i’m that old !! A few weeks later Spurs beat Chelsea in what was billed ‘The Cockney Cup Final’ 2 - 1 on my birthday of all days


It was Ipswich v Spurs at Portman Road on the 2000/01 season. We lost 3-0. Miserable day. Nice stadium though.

Yeah, used to love going to Portman Road, I suppose it’s changed a bit since the '80s ? Carrow Road too always had a great atmosphere. When I worked in London the office/workshop was in East Ham, literally across the road from Upton Park which was a cracking atmosphere. I can understand the fans not being happy with the Olympic Stadium !!

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I can’t see a tennis ball.

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I was born, went to school and lived in Drayton (north of Norwich). Went to my first game in 1968 at Carrow Road, had a season ticket at Leeds for best part of 20 years and used to spend all of my annual holiday (and money) watching football all over the UK and Europe. It cost me my first marriage but was well worth it as she was a Man Utd fan.

Many years ago, and in very difficult circumstaces, I once shared a Eurostar carriage with some Brive supporters who were travelling to the UK to see their team play.
Fantastic supporters who shared food, drink and goodwill with me, alas just a bit too far for me to go and see the team play at Brive, I will do it one day though :smiley:

Yeah, they are a good bunch at Brive - looks like elegation this season, they don’t have a big budget when compared to most of the others.

Was never really a footy fan, although I did used to like West Brom many years ago, after Jeff Astle won the cup v Everton with a cracker…( sadly Jeff is no longer with us )… at 12 , I was introduced to rugby, and that was always my team sport of preference. There was no league team i followed / supported, for me it was about taking part… For a few years I always went to the Army v Navy matches at Twickers, a great day out, and as a serving member always supported the usually losing Navy side. Had a trial for Navy U19’s but nothing came of it.

I saw Spurs when Martin Chivers and Alan Gilzean were playing. I am pleased to say that, as a Gloucester supporter we are having a decent season at last. They will be off to Bilbao for the European Challenge final next month. When we lived in France I used to watch Albi, then in Top 14, now sadly not even in Pro D2, and I also went to Castres a few times. A lovely club which reminded me a lot of Gloucester.

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Chiv and Gilly were goal machines. I watched Chiv when he played for Norwich also, I think he ended his career in Switzerland.
Albi had a decent side not that many years ago and their decline has been alarming. castres too are struggling after havin won the Top 14 a coule of years ago.
My local RU side is Brive who are struggling financially with relegation imminent (again !).

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I remember Ralph Coates as he had Bobby Charlton style hair!

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Just Googled him, he died in 2010 only 64.