A load of balls 🏉

(Mandy Davies) #21

My favourite Spurs player. Saw him play many many times and he was amazing.

(Mandy Davies) #22

This is probably the best match I ever saw at White Hart Lane. Incredible night. The stadium was rocking like never before and afterwards the streets were filled with chanting Spurs fans. I think we were singing all the way home :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::notes::notes::notes::notes:

(Peter Bird) #23

Some great memories there Mandy.

Ginola was a top player, he is often on Talksport on a wednesday morning co-presenting the show with Alan Brazil. It’s a good listen.

My two Spurs heroes are Jimmy Greaves and Dave Mackay. I had the great pleasure in meeting Mr Mackay in about 1973 ish when he was player/manager of Derby County. My big brother was a scout for some clubs and he arranged it.

(Mandy Davies) #24

Poor old Jimmy. Seen some recent pictures of him and it’s really sad to see him looking so unwell. Meeting heroes is amazing. Sadly, I’ve never met Monsieur Ginola but I do have an enormous signed poster of him that is a treasured possession. He was a client of the accounting firm I worked for in the UK and the client manager got it for me.

(Peter Bird) #25

I’m afraid Greavesie abused his body a little too much and has paid for it for a few years now…

Interesting to see Wenger leaving Arsenal - that’s good news for the club I feel as they were getting nowhere but bad news for the rest as I believe they will become stronger with a new man in charge.

Recall seeing some great players play at Norwich at the end of their careers - players like Peter Osgood, Mich Channon, Martin Peters, Martin Chivers and others.

(Chris Kite) #26

OHs favourite Spurs player too but for different reasons…

(Mandy Davies) #27


Not just a glorious player but a fine figure of a man. I used to get to White Hart Lane early just so I could watch him in the warm up :yum:

(Mandy Davies) #28

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

It can be very painful being a Tottenham Hotspur fan. Tonight has been particularly painful but we will have champions league football next season at the new stadium.

Yipee!!! :grin::soccer::clinking_glasses::tada:

(Timothy Cole) #29

My heart bleeds Mandy, try being a Leeds fan. Currently the team are in Myanmar playing a couple of exhibition matches despite the vast majority of supporters not wanting the club to go as it could be seen as condoning the regime’s treatment of the Rohingya’s. The reason for the trip is money pure and simple as the Leeds owner has several businesses in Asia.

(Peter Bird) #30

It’s a relief Mandy, apparently Newcastle were the better side…

CL football again and a defeat for the gooners with Chelsea trailing in our wake - yep, a good nights work !

Tim, your fans deserve better.

(Dave Ellen) #31

West Ham fan here. Not such good times at the moment though.

Prefer watching Rugby these days though.

Plan to trek over to see La Rochelle play next year

(Peter Bird) #32

The Hammers have been conned by Gold and Sullivan, all the promises of great times at the new stadium etc I recall the great days of the Boleyn, I worked not far from the ground and match days were special.

(Mandy Davies) #33

Oops, sorry Tim. Can’t be much fun supporting Leeds these days. But you can’t pick the team you love, it picks you. I hope the glory days return one day, great club.

(Mandy Davies) #34

Happy to see The Arse lose again. They’ve really had a desperate season. Makes a glorious change :laughing:

(Peter Bird) #35

It was great seeing them get stuffed (again). Bad news for us that Wenger is leaving as they will now employ a manager/coach who will get them winning again !