A lovely tribute to the first lady, and another sleight on the previous first bimbo🙂

Sorry Geof :flushed: Incorrigible may be the word.

I wouldn’t call someone who speaks 6 languages from 4 different language groups a “bimbo”.

Mrs. Trump maybe many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.


You’re probably right Guy.

She may have been a bimbo in her modelling days, but always showed a reserved and balanced public face as first lady. More so than her obnoxious bully husband.

And maybe she is intelligent. She never finished university, which doesn’t really conclude much, But the basis for her getting an Einstein Visa for entry into the US seems rather thin.

However despite knowing several languages her grasp of grammar has gaps…”Be Best”…what did that mean?

I’m not too sure about Trudeau any more either :slightly_smiling_face:

Excuse me, but speaking purely from a female point of view any woman who married Donald Trump with his track record needs her head examining.


Melania did the job and Mr. Trump was lucky to have her.


Trump is lucky to have anybody.

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And they are fast deserting the sinking ship.
Trump is worried his financial people will go for plea bargaining.

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“So tell me, Melania: as an intelligent woman, what did you find irresistible about the fat, bigoted, racist, idiot, bloviated billionaire Donald Trump?” (Mrs Merton, passim)


Says it all, really…

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What do you mean by “language group”?
All the languages she (theoretically) speaks are Indo-European, and not that complicated.

Not according to the Washington Post.

On that basis I speak 6 because I know how to say “Good morning” in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish.

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Quite, on that basis I’m on about 20, what a heap of nonsense.

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I remember hearing a resumé of someone’s skills once … 'he speaks five languages… all of them badly"…

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I used to work with a guy who genuinely was fluent in 11 languages - he was a cryptanalyst and a pretty sh*t hot mathematician and programmer as well.

However, he was almost certainly a bit on the autistic spectrum so between that and the fact that he operated on an intellectual plane somewhat above the rest of us people were occasionally heard to mutter à voix basse “speaks 11 languages, can’t communicate in any of them”.

He was basically a nice guy though.


Definitely a ‘special’ person.

On my first programming course (1976 chez ICL) we had a “genius” on the course, more degrees than a thermometer but he was completely locked in his own head and pretty well unemployable. Poor guy.

Some years later I had a colleague who became a close pal. He was a maths grad and very bright. I remember the first program he wrote worked first time. Quite an achievement. Poor guy drowned when e diving alone off the Irish coast a few years later.