A Lucky Escape

I was just on computer in the kitchen when I hard a huge bang and I thought something heavy had fallen down. It turned out to be one of the parts of the glass shower screen on the bath to use it as a shower.
A huge explosion with tiny bits of glass everywhere.
Jim and my son in law are hoovering it up, the bath is full of glass.
A good job it wasn’t this morning.

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Flipping heck Jane… what a shock for you all…

what on earth caused that ???

Glad you are all OK…

No, there was only me in the house.
It was dog walking time and everyone else, apart from my son-in-law were out.
He heard it and my shout and came running.
I can only imagine that it was some sort of thermal shock because of the changes in temperature.
Any other suggestions, welcome, apart from aliens please?

We have a display shelf carrying some china plates (very old) and one simply split in two with a very loud bang. It’s thick china… not the thin, delicate stuff.
No reason for it… that we can think of…
we were reading quietly one evening … and the sudden noise made us jump in our seats…

No aliens allowed here either… but I would love to know what on earth caused it.
Like you with your happening.

Mind you, it could have been very serious had you been in the shower at the time… ghastly.

take care

Perhaps @Jane_Williamson was listening to this lady sing the National Anthem when she hit the high C :thinking:

Could it have been a sonic boom from an aircraft?

Glad no one was hurt, and much sympathy for you in the awful and dangerous clean up job.

Will you be able to claim on household insurances?

Shock horror Jane how lucky nobody was nearby - what an extraordinary thing to happen.

Wrong time frame Graham.

It was one of two panels, the other was totally unaffected.
It was fourteen years old, perhaps just tired.

I know the feeling, Jane.

Rather hope I go the same way, minus the bang and the mess of course! :hugs::smiley::pray:

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2nd one I have heard of in a week. The other was in Dorset.

Peter and John, we have an update.
We were having lunch in the garden when there was another huge bang and the remaining part of the shower screen exploded in the barn.
The next worrying thing is picking up all the bits of glass so that the tires on the ride on mower don’t get punctured.
I am wondering what Trivy has in common with Dorset.

That is really, really weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow: glad you weren’t hurt (either time!!).


Without any knowledge of the technical details of shower screens, it occurs to me that some heat-expansion of the metal fittings securing the glass may gave stressed it, causing it to disintegrate as it is designed to, rather than breaking into potentially lethal shards?

It is a very concerning coincidence that both screens should have experienced the same stress within the same time frame, though, and seems to point to a ‘common denominator’ in the conditions giving rise to it.

As it is the ‘remaining part of the shower screen’ it is probably the same sheet of glass and maybe there is some inherent manufacturing fault affecting both?

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One imagines that the manufacturer and/or vendor and/or fitter should be alerted to the spontaneous screen collapse (by the insurers?) and its manner to avert further incidents, which could have horrible consequences for users.

14 years old though, way past any sort of recourse from fitter / manufacturer! If you tell the insurer the premiums will go up!


I was thinking of risk mitigation rather than user recourse, but otherwise I take your point. :innocent:

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It is fourteen years old!

Thank you. It gave me a fright though.