A month of new beginnings

Hi Jane , I found some mimosa down here for the first time in four years. Usually the excuse has been adverse weather/growing conditions etc but this year it seems to be plentiful which is handy as it’s ‘er indoor’s favourite flower.


Good luck with your battle to help your eyesight. I find it amazing what can be done nowadays to help such problems.


Maybe then err on the side of caution? It was just a question, if you make mention of something on a forum post it is likely someone would ask. If that upsets dont tell people. Of course those that don’t ask may not be interested hence not asking. If you share your life on social media be prepared to field questions.

I appreciate that it seemed to only be a question to you, but it comes with a lot of assumptions. It’s a little like asking a long-term couple without children if they had thought of trying for a baby, which should be obvious in it’s pitfalls. I understand no malice was intended.


It reminds me of a time after I got Janis out of the hospital after her strokes and she was in her wheelchair, we met an old neighbour in Tesco’s.
What happened to her she asked me not bothering to ask Janis which was a pet hate of mine, unfortunately Janis had two strokes and is now paralyzed so can’t walk anymore, to which she replied “Have you tried physiotherapy or is she too lazy for that”.
It’s not often I’m speechless :thinking::roll_eyes:

Just wow.

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Have you ever considered a career in the Diplomatic Service John ?


A lot of assumptions, it was a question. Based on the mentioning of in the text of diabetes.

Not the same as the examples given here by others, have you tried physiotherapy based on not having found out it was a stroke. We found out it was diabetes.

Join the diplomatic core, nah I would get too much done and embarrass the rest.

I still cannot see the justification for the attack though, perfectly reasonable to explain as part of the answer did without the hostility.


While you might rate yourself very highly, sensitivity is not really your forte :yum:

Ok folks…enough. I was cross this morning…not so much at the question but as has been said at the assumptions. However now Im glad to report that I am calmer now, Ive had my eye procedure done today (not entirely pleasant) & will be back next month as always with all our news. Thank you all for continuing to read my ramblings & for your support today :slight_smile: