A new brush for the old cat

We have two male cats, one is just over a year old whilst the other is approaching 12. Our older cat sometimes has problems with his fur, including dandruff and matted hair which we either have to brush out or shampoo with Sebomild medicated shampoo.

Recently our vet demonstrated a new brush he’s selling called the ‘Furminator’. It looks like a hair clipper but without the motor, and is used like a brush to comb the fur. Unlike a normal brush it’s really effective at getting lots of hair out including any tangled lumps or bits of leaves and seeds that cats sometimes pick up. I thought I would share the information in case anyone else has similar problems.


Hi Phil

I don't think I could use something like that on Zorro (a very sleek short-haired half Siamese) or he'd end up bald!

Ever since the very expensive furball incident though he has a daily brushing with a sort of mitt thing that I got from the vet. He loves it (thank you, feline gods!!) and I'm always amazed at how much loose hair comes out.

Hi Lynn,

Good point - I forgot to mention that we changed his diet to the Purina Salmon and Rice Pro Plan instead of the Chicken - the fish oils make a huge difference to the condition of the coat.

I have heard of them Phil but never used one, so it’s good to have first hand info!
Have you tried changing the diet of the cat too?
Like us, many of their ‘problems’ such as stress, health etc, are seen through their fur. Royal Canin do an excellent range including for long haired cats or cats with skin troubles.
We once had a half persan cat who lived until she was 18 years old and terrorised all other cats on her journey there! We made the huge mistake of not getting her used to being brushed when we first adopted her and she HATED it! It really was a 2 person job to get any tangles out, so products like the one you describe would have been great for us.