A New Group on SFN


I am the somewhat dotty artist who decided to start this group. I have been a professional fine artist and instructor all of my adult life (also a little of my non-adult life). I am passionate about my only child and my art. My daughter has her own life, though. Art IS my life. For me, to not create art is to stop breathing. This is my personal statement... "My life is nothing without art...both mine and that of everyone else. Art isn't a result. It is a sensory/mental/spiritual journey with one's soul exposed." Copies rendered in calligraphy available upon request. "joking" :)

Anyway, I want this group to feel free to show their art, discuss their art, ask questions, give answers, and more. Beginners to advanced, amateurs to professionals...everyone is welcome. Posts in any medium that is used to make a visual statement of the artist's vision will be happily received. I want us to all grow as artists. In my humble opinion, that means exposure to all forms of art created by all types of people.

I am going to climb off my soapbox now (although it does help me reach the high shelves). *smile* Please let your friends know about this group, the Art & Design group, and the Darkroom. Artists may work in ivory towers but talking about and seeing art keeps those towers from becoming prisons.

Ending by sharing one of my paintings...


Hi Steve! I agree! There are extraordinary artists posting here. Thank you for sharing your information. I have bookmarked your website and I will go through it thoroughly. Again, thank you for posting.

I am glad you like this one, fiona. I executed this painting at a two day pastel painting demonstration at a gallery. I was in the front window on an elevated display area. I believe I captured his personality. Of course, he is a dear friend of mine so I know him very well.

Some super work in this blog! I’m involved in an Anglo-French arts foundation some of you may be interested in keeping an eye on; https://corneliusfoundation.wordpress.com A charity exploring the connection between art and wellbeing, with projects near Montpelier and London.

I like the angle of the person and the way he is looking at me. He has me sussed, I think.