A new Scam

We have just had someone calling themselves AS to try to book two weeks in our gite in January.
He was supposed to work as an international trade consultant and his company were paying for this holiday!
He gave a telephone number which did not work and when we asked him to verify the number we heard nothing from him.
It seemed to be a poor attempt to gain our bank details, which are password protected anyway.
Just to say don’t get excited that someone wants two weeks in your off season if you receive a similar enquiry.


Hello everybody
I’m a new french member. Thanks for your welcome
I have a lot of this poor enquiry
It’s always the same scenario. For example
Someone want to rent my villa during this winter. I send him our contrat with the adress of the house
then he ask me to visit. He never came to visit the villa. I hope he never come to stay
Now I ask for rental:
-a french phone number. So I make verification

It is easy to figure out scams, usually 2 plus weeks, asking to rent ‘your place’ or going to be in ‘your town’. Company picking up the tab for a honeymoon or a Christian association looking for accommodation (!) Also the english will be slightly dodgy (which is why we can pick them out but non english speakers may not be able to tell the nuances), the email may not tally with the name,
Its easy to do a copier/coller of the text and run through Google. More difficult though when they have the temerity to call by phone though !!

Note to self - just seen that I wrote pretty much the same thing in 2012 - not that my boss listens to me !!