A question for hairdressers!

How easy it is to buy colouring products in France and are they comparable to UK salon products in terms of price / quality etc? All info very much appreciated!

OMG One tube of Majirel 30 e…think they’ve done you there Natascha…way way way too high.

Hi Chathrine.
You can buy hairdressing products in the “boutique du coiffeurs”. There are alot in Paris and one here where I live in Marne La Vallee. Some will ask for a professional card or hairdresser student card; the one where I live sells to everyone.
I think they sell HT (hors taxe). If you buy the better known products eg. L’oreal its pretty expensive. For a example a tube of Majirel is around 30 euros (i think!) But they sell smaller bottles of ‘oxydant’ then you would use in a salon for home use. They sell eveything from hair color, to perm products, perm rods, combs, brushes, shampoo etc. Anything you can use for business or personal use. If you have a proffesional card I do believe you get a discount.
I only buy for personel use so I find it expensive and sometimes buy my hair color in the local shops and only buy for example my high light powder in the ‘boutique du coiffeur’ as the stuff they sell in your local shop eg: carrefour is not top quality.
Hope I helped a bit.

Catherine if your friend is a hairdresser she’ll probably want professional products not “home do it your self” stuff. She shouldn’t have any problems…I know this because my daughter is a hairdresser here. In most big towns…we live near Nimes… there are shops where you can buy these products. You do not have to be a professional to buy from them. The most well known are “Bleu Libellule” and “Goiran”. All she needs to do when she comes over is look up her nearest stockist in the Pages Jaunes under Coiffure:materiel,fournitures, accessoires . The prices are very reasonable.

You could try this place, they are offering free international delivery!!!

I buy hairdresser quality stuff in Distri’Coiff in Pezenas and sometimes at a similar shop in Agde. I buy Majiblond from l’Oreal, plus the Oxydante 20,30, or 40. Cant remember the price. If you put in “materiel coiffeurs” in pages jaunes online, you will find one near you.

Huge choice and other makes too.

Sounds good to me…Love salt and vinegar crisps! they are my one weakness…well maybe some chocolate and red wine too!!

Fab info thanks Paula - I will have a look and then confer with her. The plan now is for her to probably get it in UK and then ship out via Parcels please and as she won’t need 30kg of powder (!!) I can then fill the rest of the box with salt and vinegar crisps…yum!

Hi again Catharine,
If looking for high lifts for foils/highlowlites, Jerrome Russell do powder bleach and peroxide not sure if volume is strong enough you could go and have a look in Le Clerc.Your hairdresser friend will be able to judge then what she needs to bring.
I agree Tracy the choice is not as great as in England,but being a hairdresser I never had too much problems finding what I needed in france. (just wish we were there now)
Have a good day!

Therre is not much of a choice in terms of blondes, I always buy in the UK for wider choice of colour and cost. There is a much greater range of dark colours.

Hi Paula
I’m posting for my hairdressing friend who is coming over in October with her scissors and bringing hi lites to the desperate ex-pat community round this way!! But if she can avoid bringing a case (liquids and hand luggage etc.) then so much the better! Thanks Cx

Hi Catherine, depending what it is you are wanting to achieve,I would recommend L’oreal.
Price wise slightly more expensive in France, but if buying from shop L’oreal is best for coverage.
I found Le Clerc was pretty good for choice,next would be clairol,I found good for the darker shades.
Have a good day!