A question to ponder…

If Priti Patel’s parents had been sent to Rwanda when they were refugees, would Priti be running a newsagents in Kilgali now?

I think she is likely to have found a role in the local authority euthanasing kittens.


Given you a like Mat, but that’s terrible !


On the same topic……


He asks “who would do this?”, the answer of course is Priti.

Don’t blame the messenger!


I know what you mean, and this is not a criticism, but LAs don’t euthanise kittens, or shouldn’t. Vets do, but only to relieve untreatable physical suffering.

‘Being sent to Rwanda’ sends shivers down my spine, simply the word Rwanda, which brings to mind the horror of genocide butchery I watched on the newsreels back then. I know nothing about Rwanda except that.

I’m sure a lot of immigrants may well have similar shivers.

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I don’t know who is worse Pritt Awful for her policy or the person who dropped Prince Charles into this debate when he was expressing his views in private.

Aren’t they quite hot on female circumcision as well, in Rwanda?

No doubt, and is an ongoing practice in other countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

I wondered if the historical memory of the Rwanda genocide, which was horrifying and as bloody as it can get, is intended by Priti Patel to deter immigrants.

You know the workings of local authorities in Rwanda? Impressive!

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It’s illegal to harm or injure domestic animals in Rwanda, and I doubt if local government money would be wasted on euthanizing kittens, unless of course you know otherwise.

LOL :joy: Africa is Africa Bonzo.

Patel’s parents weren’t refugees but economic migrants. They were already settled in the UK by the time Amin came to power.

Not widely known, but her father once stood as a candidate for UKIP!

Something that’s not going to please the racists - In return for taking her ‘illegal’ immigrants, Patel has agreed to take Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees!

That’s interesting, are you sure? Anyway, I guess being economic migrants makes things even worse, they didn’t even have the legitimacy of being refugees. So Patel is not only chucking out people with the same status as her folks, but also those fleeing from war ans persecution.

Yes, I’m sure. Members of my family knew her and hers many moons ago in Uganda and in the UK.
She herself admits even her parents wouldn’t meet her immigration criteria and she actually laughs about it!

What a bi…ch!

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Very interesting. Thanks for the info.

Yes, as @Beanybag says, it’s well documented.

Sloppy research on my part :roll_eyes: I’m usually a bit obsessive on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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