A Ready Made Lifestyle with an Income and Home for Sale

When we moved to France we searched for years to find the right house, in the right location, that would make a great Chambre D'Hote (B&B) as we had to generate enough money to live in France, And I'm delighted to say we have achieved that. We also have a Gardening business which is also doing extremely well.... but due to circumstances beyond our control we are now selling. The link to our website is www.dordogne-bandb.com - but obviously that is not all of the house as it doesn't show the kitchen and our bedrooms, lounge and the inside of a huge barn. We currently have many bookings for this coming season, so an income is already generated for you. The house has to be sold to someone who is looking for this type of life. The price, without agents fees, is 249.500 euros.

If you are interested in receiving more photos of our living quarters, and an idea of the package please private message me or contact me direct via email candnkavanagh@aol.co.uk



I wish, perfect location and exactly what Lis and I will be looking for :-)
Sadly to soon as we can't leave NZ for another 15 months or we will loose nearly our entire state pensions.

Can you upload some photos please Christine?

this is one of our bedrooms which has an ensuite and our other bedroom. Obviously one of these can be included in the B & B to generate extra income if required.

Well Tim, I'm hoping that it will be sold before then, but you never know.... you must get your state pension without a doubt.

certainly, if the NZ govt won't transfer it then I can't get social payments from the french come 65.

I've never visited but from your website and the above pictures it looks absolutely fabulous. There must be someone out there who needs this!

Thank you Vanessa, you're very kind - and yes let's hope so. We worked on it for over a year to get it to the standard it is today. Cheers Christine

Yes there will be someone to buy Christine's property....

Great region and great prospects. All is going rather well around here....

restaurants busy!

Thanks Barbara - we've had a few enquiries which is great for a property only promoted on here and Linkedin... It's a shame to sell - but we are where we are.

Houses always look better in the sunshine. We've had a lot of rain in the Dordogne, good for the vine not so good for guests - especially all of the wedding guests we have here. Interested buyers are still coming and as they say 'it only takes one'.

Although on saying 'houses look better in the sunshine' when we bought this house it was on a cold, grey January day.... so I take that back. A house is like a long lost friend - when you walk into it you just know you've come home.... Our house is waiting for you to come home.