A Scot in Exile

Hi There

My name is Jacqui, I am 42 and have lived in France for just over 7 years now. We moved to the Aude (11) from Somerset in 2003 my husband David, our 2 girls Hannah and Gemma and me.We moved to the small village on the Montagne Noire where my in-laws had lived for 9 years and we holidayed regularly. I still blame the water here because 9 months after we arrived in France so did our twins Alexander and Rebecca.

Well to be fair we did say we wanted to move to France for family life and boy did we get it - in spades!! David worked in the Water industry in the UK but moved into wine here - very biblical!! He was an homme de cave which made our girls howl when they translated it and he loved the fact that his job was also his hobby.

I became a mere du foyer and enjoyed it for the most part. Getting used to the slower pace of life took some time and French paperwork was a nightmare for someone who knew 5 words of French one of which was choux, but I got there somehow.

Now 7 years on both of my in-laws have died and most heartbreakingly of all so has my beloved David. He died at the end of March this year.

So here I am - a Scot in exile looking for some nice folks to pass the time of day with or have a laugh or two or even ask for some help. I reckon I have found it here with you.

Thanks for reading

Jacqui x

Thanks Andrew, I appreciate that. Hugs xx

I’m not Scottish and I’m not called jaqui either, but i just wanted to say I feel for you and good luck!


Hi Linda and thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. Each day just seems to bring a new set of challenges but as you say the kids and me have shared some moments in the last 18 months that will never be forgotten.
Thanks again and yes I will shout for any of the above lol xx

Hi Catherine,
Another Scot here!!! And one with 4 kids too, although mine are all grown up now (well so they tell me, but I do wonder sometimes!!!) And I was a single mum with the 4 kids (aged 8, 6, 4 and 1 years old at the time) for 5 years until I met and married my second husband; so I know how tough that can be, although you just get on with it, don’t you. I look back now on what in many ways were the crap years, and i can honestly say that they also included some of the happiest and most endearing and important moments and memories as well… Anyway, I’m always up for a chat, scream, laugh, moan or whatever, so do keep in touch.
Linda xx

Wow us Jacqui’s should get together and take over the world!
Nice to meet you and thanks so much for the offer of help which is always appreciated. I am very much a do it by myself person hmmmm but not always successfully - stubborn as a mule as my folks would tell you - so if I find myself in a hole I will certainly yell.
Hope life is treating you well and look forward to chatting soon
Jacqui xx

Hi Jacquie
Thanks for your kind words and an offer of help is always welcomed. I am so sorry for your loss, I just hope the journey is easier for you now.
Ooooooh you are in a beautiful part of the country, not one I have stopped in sadly but have driven through. I am way to your south-west in the Aude near to Carcassonne.
Look forward to chatting soon
Jacqui xx

Hi another Scottish Jacqui here. I live in Bussy St Georges, which is just outside Paris.
I’m just finding my feet around this site, but I’ve been in France for 20 years. If I can ever be of help I am always at the end of this wonderful internet “line”! Been through the “hoops” in France with pretty much hospitals, all things medical, work, taxes etc… feel free to give me a haller.

Hello Jacqui, Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jacquie, I am an American married to a Scot who sadly passed away in Ocotber 2008. I sent you a friend request, not sure how much help I can be, but we seem to have somethings in common. I live in Burgundy, not far from Chablis, so hope to hear from you. Kindest regards and Bon courage. Jacquie

Hi Jacqui - I hope they were tears of happiness! I thoroughly enjoyed that clip though I unfortunately know little of your fine country. Here is another I hope you like.


And the latest and greatest, as we speak:


Feel free to share! Michael

Thank you Michael. I did enjoy it although I watched it with the tears streaming. Awra best x

Jacqui, I hope you like this link on this fine day. What a wonderful programme. Happy Hogmanay!


My best, Michael

Thanks - so obvious when it’s pointed out to me - duh!

Click on her name at the top of the thread - that will take you to her page - then look on the left hand side and click Add as friend!

Hi Jaqui,

I'm originally from Glasgow, but lived in Edinburgh for a long time. And yes, like you, it's my home!

I'm being thick, but I can't figure how to add you as a friend? I love this site and the idea of it, but I can't wagon it!I'll give you my numbers when I sort it!

Catherine, help!!!!


Hi Jenny

Christmas hasn't been much fun but guess what we are still here!! No idea how though lol A few wobbles but for the most part I think the kids had an OK time and that's what matters.

Please do send a request and as you say with a phone/mail or the internet distance is no barrier.

I am from Falkirk originally and although I've been away now for longer than I lived there I still think of it as home - weird huh!

What about you? Where do you originate from?


Jacqui x

Hey Jaqui, another Scot here!

Hang in there, your Christmas must have been so tough...... I'll send you a friend request, I'm miles from you, but I have a phone if you need a chat.

Whereabouts in Scotland are you from?

Jenny x

Hi Jon

Thanks for that and nice to "meet" you.

Jacqui x

Dear Jaqui

I admire you for sticking to it especially after your loss, Best of luck Jon

Dear Drew

Thank you for that - the words of support and encouragement do help. Penpals would be great too - distance no object with mail is there! I did toy with the idea of moving back to the UK but at the end of the day the kids come first and their lives are here (hangs head in shame for not being all that brave). They have lost too much already without taking away everyone/everything they know

I wish you both a very merry Christmas


Jacqui x