A small pot of Gold at the end of the very rainy Rainbow

More good news from London, I bought a skirt from Gant - the colour ran & ruined some of my children's pretty new Summer clothes (as per my post about Summer - they'd only been worn once!) Anyway I wrote to the Customer Services at Gant to complain, returned the skirt and told them the value of the children's clothes, referencing a kids clothing website I use. I took the clothes into the shop to show them and explained to the manager I'd listed out all the items damaged by the skirt.

Today I got an email saying they are sending me a gift card for Gant to the value of all my kids clothes plus the skirt.

Now that has brightened up my day somewhat! Well done Gant - Excellent customer service!

Yes good outcome.

Who are Gant?

Now THAT is one brilliant outcome. Good on you, Gant. I'm very impressed.

I know, my hubby predicted I'd be lucky to even get a new skirt! I'll really chuffed!

I would suggest the result would have been VERY different in France, well done you!