A sticky problem

Hello fellow SFNer's...

I have recently rented a flat that I am in the process of moving into but I have a little problem.

The previous occupants placed all their curtains on rails attached to the PVC windows with sticky backed hooks!!!!

I have removed the offensive gold hooks from the white PVC but am now left with yellowed sticky stuff that I can't get off... I am trying to find a product or solution that I can use to remove the residue, that will not damage or discolour the PVC (Alcool à bruler and dissolvant thus being definite no nos).

Any hints or tips gratefully received.

Merci in advance and a good weekend to all :)

I was going to but in the past when I've used it on plastic, the acetone has practically melted the plastic. Acetone free doesn't appear to be much better either...

Thanks Doreen. Some of it has come off and effectively there are some lovely yellow patches...

I ised to visit this site regularly when I was in the UK - had forgotten all about it since I've been in France. Many thanks :D

Hello, have you tried nail varnish remover??

no probs Damaris...my trade was graphics...so 'glue' was the very media that 'held it all together'.. Lighter fuel often saved my life (graphically )lol

Thanks Ron. I'm pretty sure I've got some stashed in a box somewhere as well! Perfect ;)

Hi Damaris,

the 'lighter fuel' you can buy for filling Zippos is excellent for this sort of sticky problem

I hadn't thought of that Krister but I'll give it a go...thanks :)

Some annoyingly sticky glues (price tags etc.) dissolve with fat. Have you tried butter ?