A timely article on my current hobbyhorse... big tech

It’s quite a long read but I found it informative.

Yes - John Naughton is indeed excellent - but isn’t his argument exactly the same as that I put forward in the ‘Facebook’ thread John, and that you seemed to disagree with there (and in the ‘driving license’ thread)?

Anyone who attributes such seismic shifts just to the operations of tech companies hasn’t been paying attention to the recent history of either capitalism or democracy. In fact, blaming tech provides a convenient way of ignoring the deeper causes of the turbulence.

It’s not Facebook - it’s Capitalism!

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I’ll have to reflect on that Geof. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good article Geof. Ayn Rand would have loved him.

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Thiel has bought a large remote estate in New Zealand and is reportedly building a stronghold in anticipation of the end of civilization - which some think he’s looking forward to.

Jesus, Atlas shrugged :joy: