A touch of Zen

I wondered if there might be other SFN members interested in Health & Wellbeing discussions/group info - alternative therapies, diet/allergy advice, recommended therapists practicising in France, retreats, courses - all those kind of things?

Hi !
Sorry it gas taken several days to reply to your comments.
Unfortunately work gets in the way of pleasure!
Why is it that there is always somethingto do BEFORE the thing you want to do? !!
I have been interested in alternative products for a long time, especially avoiding harmful chemicals in everyday personal care products which cause headaches, fatigue,eczema, various other skin disorders,plus the chemicals which are hormone disruptors,I could go on , but I’m here to be positive.
Why bombard ourselves with unnecessary toxins, when there are safe products available?
There is definitely plenty of room for more discussion on this topic.

Hi - I’ve been interested in well-being and alternative therapies for many years and I run websites about reflexology:
and a blog reflexologyfootmassage.blogspot.com
Please add your comments to the blog !

I followed a course in reflexology many years ago but only practice on family and friends. I kept in touch with my “tutor” and we put together a manual which we sell online as an ebook.Well, he did the French one and I translated it into English.
We also have a small directory of reflexologists in France on www.reflexologie-anti-stress.com but if you know other practitioners, tell them to contact me to be included.

Hi Sue, well its fairly simple, you need some 99.99% silver wire or electrodes an old coffe machine, an old battery charger the type you see for cordless batteries, or you can even use 9 volt battery pack & some distilled water.
you warm the distilled water by running it throuhg the coffee machine put the two electrodes in the water connect them to your battery charger & let it do its thing, in about half an hour you will see the colour of the water change to a golden yellow this is when you know you have made it properly, dont let the water go dark yellow just a hint of yellow will do.
for a bit more info you can go to this blog if you want. http://colloidalsilvermaker.blogspot.com/
i found for me that it helps with hay fever, i usually rinse my nose out with it. some people say that it will also eliminate parasites,spots, & the list is long.
hope this helps.

Hi Paul
I am a retired radionics therapist but still help people out. I am definitely interested in colloidal silver. How do you make it yourself please? I work with allergies and allied health problems through doing hair analysis - I am also a nutrition adviser and use homeopathy, flower remedies etc.

I was intrigued about this, and found this article on Wikipedia. Interesting. Thanks for making me aware of something I had no idea about!

talking about alternative therapies/products, anybody interested in colloidal silver? Having tried this myself i can say that it works and whats more you can make it yourself.

Hi Sue/Maggie/Wendy/Linda, thanks all for replying, I realise I had not discovered the Mind Body Spirit group on SFN when I wrote my comment but I am really pleased some others in the network are interested in the same topic. There is a Business Owners list that’s flourishing but I wonder if a recommended ‘alternative therapists’ List might also be useful …

There is a thinking it’s not just humans that benefit from alternative treatments (slightly controversial comment perhaps) - but animals can also respond very well to certain forms of ‘therapy’ not widely discussed in conventional circles.

PS. If someone can suggest a good aromatherapist in my area (Herault) I’d be really pleased to know !

Hi Maggie, thanks for replying - if you would like to email me about the common ground please do - solutions@lafranglaise.com. Annette x

Actually, reading the warning, it says it “contains images from imagehotel.net a site known to distribute malware.”

I’ve got Norton anti-virus, I don’t know if it’s Norton or Google flagging it up. You could try asking the guys in the computer Corner, they’re very good at all the geeky stuff!

Hi !
Yes, I have an interest in Health & Wellbeing.
Being involved with a company whose sole mission is to promote health & wellbeing, it is foremost in my mind.
When you see the potentially harmful ingredients in everyday products one wants to shout it from the roof tops !!
Would like to be in contact with you with a view to seeking a common ground.
Maggie Pascoe

Sorry Linda…I’m not trying to be a pain, I thought you’d want to know. Try asking someone else to look too…

the problem’s on the free links page…

I am writing separately about the ‘alternative’ side. I have been an alternative therapist in the UK since 1986. I trained in radionics with radiesthesia (dowsing) and radionic homeopathy and then in nutrition with the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION). My field was mostly connected to allergies and allied health problems. Officially I am retired but once a therapist always a therapist, so I now do it voluntarily as I dont know if I would be allowed to practise in France anyway. Because of my interests I have checked out lots of other different therapies and apply them when I find it necessary during a hair analysis which is my method of working.
Did you get much interest in your question. I have ‘met’ Maggie Pascoe (not in person yet) and she is interested in setting something up in SFN when she retires to help people with healthier living. I firmly believe that ‘you are what you eat’.

Hi Linda, went to have a look but got a warning that it might contain malware…

Hi Wendy - I am sure there just must be many good therapists out there, chiropractors, aromatherapists, beauticians, all things ‘feel good’ - maybe it’s just because it is the end of the working week(!) but I suddenly started wondering …! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in that I have people on Facilitutors who run yoga retreats and teach Reiki…