A Very Hungry Frenchman

We watched Raymond Blanc's - A Very Hungry Frenchman last night on BBC 2 (if you don't watch UK TV and I know some of SFN Members don't - then sorry but this won't be interesting to you). Whilst some TV critics will no doubt slate this style of programme - mix of documentary and cookery programme, we really enjoyed it especially to see the food of the Jura region where Blanc originates. I didn't know Comte cheese came from this area and I had never heard of Vin Jaune before but I will certainly look out for it in the future.

The Jura looked like a beautiful location in France - nestled on the border of Switzerland and definitely looks like a holiday destination being only a few hours drive from us. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series as he explores the different food regions of France & recreates with his own style the food of that region, no doubt accompanied by some excellent wines. Next week it's Burgandy - one of my favourite French regions.

One thing that surprised me though was how emotive it was for us, my hubby said he really missed home last night - he's not really spoken about it before but having watched Blanc with his 90 year old mother who still grew her own fruit & veggies and was as fit as a fiddle - it made us long for home. There are many of the elderly residents in our french village who have their own potager and walk to the boulangerie or epicerie every day for their supplies, we are used to seeing them on their daily routines & saying hello, their experienced & wrinkled faces softening as they smile at our girls. A smile that is welcoming, accepting and inviting a conversation - we're starved of that here. In London, if I smile at someone they think I'm crazy and immediately avoid eye contact - I used to be like that but having spent so much time in rural France I now expect to say hello & be polite & smile, my girls are the same, I don't want them to lose that.

Oh I can't wait to get the whole family back to France, in the meantime I can't wait for next week's A Very Hungry Frenchman.

Great programme. For a different slant on France, anyone watching Jonathan Meades?

The Jura is a beautiful location, very cheap to live but a tad isolated. Besancon is absolutely stunning as well.

Very excited to see Burgundy next week. Raymond Blanc was in the Loire last year staying on a friends barge (my friends are the crew) and because it was the pilots birthday Raymond took all the crew out to a friends restaurant and cooked them dinner instead - apparently he's a fab fella.

Sorry - couldn't resist posting the link to the report in the Daily Mail!!!!

Sounds like a lovely show - will look out for it. And I totally know what you mean about the smiling and saying hello to people. We went back a few years ago and I found myself saying hello to people who clearly thought I was completely and utterly mad. Hope you can make it back soon xx