A Warning Kebello.com

My husband ordered a jacket online from Kebello.com. When it arrived, sadly it was too small. He therefore returned it and requested the next size up. This was found to be too big, so he returned it again.

He has now received a credit on his account in the sum of €79,99. We then asked for a refund and were told that as it was the second return their ‘terms and conditions’ state they do need to give one. They very magnaminously said he has a year to spend said credit.

I strongly recommend you do not do business with this company due to it’s shabby trading practice.

Hello Carol

Sadly it’s a case of buyer beware because they do state in their terms and conditions the following :-

Tout avoir est non remboursable.

Dès lors qu’un échange a déjà été effectué sur un ou plusieurs articles aucun remboursement ne sera possible , seul un avoir sera disponible sur votre compte client des sommes des articles restitués.( celui ci sera valable sur tout notre site Kebello.com durant une période d’un an .)

When you placed an order you must have ‘ticked’ the box stating that you have read and agreed to their terms and conditions therefore they have applied them!

A warning to everyone to make sure that you read the fine print on everything ! :frowning:

Spot on.

Worth checking French consumer/distance selling laws.

If you are granted a protection in statute (applies to both UK and French law) you cannot then “give up” that protection by siging a contract and any clause which suggests otherwise is non-enforceable.

Thank you. Will definitely check that ou