Abandonned, very cuddly dog needs you

This gorgeous dog was abandoned with her brother (he has a new home). She has just one week left where she was found before they take her to the SPA.

Please pass the word around. She will be neutered and of course, microchipped next week.

Many thanks

Aw well done Louise - that is a fab thing to do x

Hi Louise, they are in the Tarn et Garonne, 82500 near Beaumont de Lomagne, probably about 2 hours from you.

The dogs in Carcassonne need all the help they can too!!

More pups in need here


That is super Louise,

keep us posted about your new addition. Have you seen the pups on


Contact us at Chats du Quercy (05 63 94 73 97)if you are interested and I'll give you the personal details of the lady who is helping them, they are labraodor cross I think

Hi Louise, she has found the best home with James and Catherine!!

Sorry I haven't replied to the original posting.

She is a most lovely dog and will be neutered etc etc tomorrow, I do believe.

There are few more here looking too, not least the gorgeous little poodle that Julie has placed a posting for.

Many thanks


here she is - really lovely dog.