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(Caryn England) #2

Hi everyone,
Having now been in Salies-de-Bearn for 6 weeks,we are trying to get a Carte Grise for our beloved Toyota Landcruiser.We have been reading past threads,but please could someone clarify,do we need to totally replace the English headlights or is it sufficient to use the plastic stick-on beam adjusters? Yesterday in Orthez we even had a garage suggest we should break both headlights and claim on the insurance,we could not believe this!!


(Carolyn Patricia Richardson) #3

We have French car for use when we can come over to the villa we own.
However our insurance provider insists that they cannot issue insurance on a basis that we only use the car 6 weeks a year.
We only do 2000kms a year as we are in the U.K. being wage slaves!

Can anyone help us to find a good insurer who will accept our insurance needs & insure on the basis that we only do 2000kms.
Thanks Carolyn


(stella wood) #4

Carolyn… so what you are looking for in Insurance with Limited Mileage… rather than with limited period of use…

Allianz have both our moderns on Limited Mileage… not sure how low it actually goes… but one is 7k and the other 4k… I think…:wink:

Do a Google search: assurance auto avec kilométrage limité