ABS Swimming Pool Fittings


(Chris Payne) #1

Hello All,

Does anybody know where I can buy in Normandy the heavy duty (thicker) pipe fittings used on swimming pools, tried the usual bricos with success?

Thanks in advance.

(John Withall) #2

Can't help with fittings in Normandy Chris (big place anyway) I usually bring all that I need with me as choice at these places can be limited. Are you specifically looking for ABS and more commonly its PVC.

What fittings do you need?

(Chris Payne) #3

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm replacing a 3 phase pump with a single phase after having our supply switched over and I need to re-plumb the beast.

Doesn't have to be ABS (that was marked on the existing fittings), so PVC will work.

I need several 90 bends a couple of straight connectors and possibly a 45. Will also need some pipe, all 50mm. I assume (probably wrong) that regular pipe cement will work?