Abuse of the wives/ girlfriends due to Lockdown in Paris/elsewhere

I have a Japanese friend living in Paris with her boyfriend in ‘Lockdown‘ who has been hurting her and using coercion and bullying to ‘alleviate his boredom ‘!
He kicked her out last night…trying to throw her down the apartment stairs…
Is there an ‘anti abuse’ agency in Paris that I can put her in touch with?
She speaks French
Her visa is attached to her living with her boyfriend and she needs advise about that?

Hi Kathryn,
There is loads of advice and help available here for her.


Thank you Tracy Reeves

and survivefrance!


Your poor friend. Act quickly .

Abuse is on the increase, whether due to covid stress or whatever…

be aware… it’s not just happening in Paris… it’s all over the place… :thinking:

Thank you Stella, Tracy & John,

She has found a flat and is negotiating through a third part to get her things…she can’t believe he’s behaving so angrily and irrationally…she hopes to resume the relationship when things are ‘normal’ again…he says he’s going to help her with her visa renewal…but I don’t think he wants her to stay in France…
His behaviour has always been mercurial, (not greeting her, when he’s invited her to stay, from Japan…then ignoring her for a few days)…he’s a troubled soul!
The violence was a new development!
I know Covid has exaggerated negative feelingS in some men, towards their partners…lashing out at those closest to them In their frustration and an inability to see the consequences of their actions…

She should dump him and run. ‘Things’ might be normal, he won’t.



to me… it beggars belief that some women seem to be blind to the true nature of their partner… but, yes, I know one such poor soul and I fear for her future.

Hopefully your friend will find the courage to make the break…

there is a lot of support available, but the women have to be prepared to accept it and move forward.


Thank you Stella for your concern…it’s an age old problem…fortunately these days women are a bit more honest about it…and there is help available.
We could have a long discussion, but this is not the ‘platform’…

Friends of ours moved back to the UK a couple of years ago as they hated it here, they’ve always had a roller coaster marriage and have split up more than once primarily due to the husband’s behaviour, the sale of their house have gave them an opportunity to go their separate ways but the wife gave him another chance. Unsurprisingly the lockdown intensified the problems and the wife wants out yet again, they’re both 68 and neither are in the best of health so time is running out for at least the wife to have some happiness, he’s a lost cause and could spend the rest of his days drunk and alone.

Sadly, there are many couples in similar straits… so very sad. Makes me count my own blessings… :thinking:

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