Academic Proofreading

Hi there,

I posted the following a couple of days ago but I have a nasty feeling that I did something wrong since there was only one response. Please let me try again and my apologies if I am repeating myself.

A couple of years ago I advertised as follows and had a great response. I'd like to try again:

Are any of you interested in undertaking proofreading on a part-time basis? I am looking for graduates who might be interested in correcting the English of non-English speaking students who are currently reading for degrees at English-speaking universities. I am sorry that I am only able to consider graduates since this is how we market the service we provide. You can see our webpage via the link on my SFN page.

The work pays about £15 per hour. You would have to have a UK bank account for ease of payment.

If you are interested I would be grateful for a copy of your CV. You can contact me on


Dr David Mercer

I have just joined SFN and I am interested , how would it work with French taxes?

I used to edit for a conservation magazine.