Accessing wifi

I’ve probably seen some discussion of this elsewhere, but would appreciate help from knowledge to ignorance.

We have a second home in 34 Herault used maybe 2 months across the year. We have no landline, but get by using my wife’s business iPhone and free wifi access in the cafe in the next village for internet access. When i turn my iPad on chez nous, it identifies a nearby network in the village Free wifi. Now, I know that Free does not mean’free’, but is the name of a specific network. However, it will not let me sign up to it. So, questions.

Do I have to have a landline to access this network, or can it be used as a ‘hot spot’?

If I need a landline, would it be simpler/ cheaper, do you think,just to sign up for a package including internet access?

If not, how would I be able to get access to the Free wifi network?

In either case, is it possible to sign up for a deal entailing paying just for the periods we are in the house?

We watch TV using Freesat. Is there a better way of getting access to the internet using this?

As you may guess, I’m looking for simple, cheap, solutions.

Some experts on SFN, I suspect, might think this is basic stuff, but I fear I have never really got my head around communication technologies. Any helpful advice appreciated. Thanks to all.

Thanks Shirley. Very helpful. Will pursue your suggestions. Richard

The Free network you are detecting is someone's home connection (Freebox) that has been set up so that, if you were a Free subscriber somewhere else in France, you could use your access codes to be able to connect. I think all of the main ISPs offer that sort of service now. My Livebox (Orange aka FT) broadcasts the id's of 2 networks, 1 private and 1 public.