Accommodation in around Blagnac, Toulouse

Hello Folks,

Don't know if anyone can help but I'm coming out to Toulouse as of next Sunday the 3rd to work and in need of finding accommodation that isn't exorbitant. Have been looking at various web sites and hotels but either they're too expensive or not available for the dates I want. Am gnashing teeth and have much furrowing of brow from fretting.

I'm more than willing to share with French families or something the same as I want to integrate as much as possible, so if you know of anyone willing to rent out a room or wee flat I will be more than happy? Although I'm coming over to work it's with the ulterior motive of being able to house hunt and live in France, as most of you folk are doing.

Any pointers to cheap, single/shared accommodation would be very kindly received.

many thanks in advance


Merci beaucoup and bonnet de douche as Del boy used to say!! ha ha
Decided to drive down as I want the freedom of scouting around and checking places out and to view the scenery en route. Will be bringing mon vélo as I love to cycle wherever I can.
You're the second person to mention the traffic - gulp!! Having finished a course up in Chester and driving down to Kent, where I live, I couldn't believe there was soooo much traffic on the road at one thirty pm and then, of course, the inevitable accident that closed the road totally on the dreaded M25, which compounded the sense of frustration and all the associated feelings of being stuck in a jam. Will have to invent some particle transformer, a la Star Trek, and beam our way about.
Anyway, look forward to meeting you both as some point in the near future and thanks for your l'aide.
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Hi Hayley,

Thanks for your reply. Alas, as a contractor, I'm the lowest of the low when it comes to expenses and perq's, though, can you imagine it here (Blighty) if the employers paid half the rail fare? Lawks alive!! It would become like the trains you see in India with folk clinging on all over the shop!!

Merci buckets for the offer of short term accommodation, it's the thought that counts!! Karma, has said that she might have accommodation but have not heard back as yet so must continue with contingencies.

As for large English communities . . . of course, it's nice to speak your own mother tongue with folk from your own land but I do want to try and integrate as much as possible so as to see if I really would be able to make the transition to 'living' in France and all it entails.

This site is really good for getting in contact with folk already 'living the dream' and it doesn't seem so daunting going out there relatively 'blind' as it were.

Where are you moving to? Back to the UK?



My French? Comme ci comme ca. Been tres long since I was at school and parleying En Francais. I'm half Iti' so there are a lot if similarities in the language and I'm sure once I get to hear it 'in the ear' it will come back. Trouble is, I've been in Germany for the last two years and it seems to blitzkrieg the French in my head so when I try to say something en Francais it comes out German, Bizarre!!

Thank goodness for Google translate and the others out there - totally brilliant though not always completely correct in their translation.

It will work out eventually. I'd get into a hostel just to be in the area and look for a hostel that has better accommodations. How good is your French?

"Where there's a will, there's a relative?"

LOL I'll have to use that. Thx

Thanks for the link, Chris. It was my intention to do as you suggested and have already looked at some of the hostels but as I say they were already booked to the gunnels. Will sift through the ones on your link.

I always thought "Where there's a will, there's a relative?" ha ha

Seriously, I will keep trying and trying.



How about a private room in a hostel for a week or two until you find a place?

If there is a will, there is a way. :-)


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the information. Alas, I'm not finding it as easy as you've made out as many of the hotels are already booked up that are within price range and the others are too expensive.

I will check out the web site you recommended.

If you hear of anything within the next few days, please get in touch.

kind regards


Hi Ciro,

I live in Toulouse but I don't know of anyone with a spare room available. However, it should be easy to find during this time of year. To find a place, I recommend you check out the sites and . I also invite you to join our local English meetup group called You'll find a lot of resources and possible job leads via that site.

If you are looking to work at Airbus, I recommend that you seriously look into Colomiers, Blagnac for easy access to you job provided you have a car. I work in Colomiers and I can tell you that the traffic scene is not pretty getting in or out of Toulouse during certain parts of the day or during special events.

I don't want to scare you but according to this poll, Toulouse is #5 for the most congested European cities. I have seen another poll where Toulouse was #1.

Good luck!


Hi Karma,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'd be very interested in what you have to offer. I'll be working at Airbus, too.
Am travelling down by car over Saturday night (2nd June) and Sunday and it would be really nice to know I've got a destination to arrive at.
kind regards
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OK, thanks for that.


OK, Thanks


And I’ve just noticed my stupid phone cut out 2 words. That’s info you want and lift share, I case it didn’t make sense! Grrr technology!

Hiya, I live in montaigut sur save, not far west of blagnac, and I rent out rooms if your interested. I work near Blagnac too, at airbus, we bought here because it was so easy to get there and Blagnac is a very expensive area as there are so many foreigners looking to rent! Send me an email at if you’re interested an I send you all the info you. What sort of work are you coming for, there might even be a share in it!

It popped up on my screen. We are too far from Toulouse to help and have so much incompleted/ongoing work we could not even offer sharing with chickens at present ourselves. Best of luck with the search though.