Accommodation in Salies-de-Béarn, 64270?

Hello, a bit of a long shot perhaps, but can anyone offer any tips to help me find long term furnished accommodation in or near Salies-de-Béarn (64 Pyrenees Atlantiques)?

I’ve been renting in north Dordogne for the past few months, but am currently in Salies and looking to buy a house. Haven’t found one yet, so would like to base myself here while I continue the search.

Perhaps an even longer shot is that 2 golden retrievers would be part of the package. They are very well behaved, excellent with other dogs, kids, etc, totally non-destructive and we come with great references from our current landlords!

I’d be looking to move any time after 9 April 2017 and would need to stay for several months, in order to find a house and complete on the purchase. Many thanks.

PS - I have tried Owners Direct, Rent a Place in France and Gites de France. Currently looking through Airbnb, although hard to find dog friendly there…

@Rod_Baverstock @Ian_Dyckhoff @Chris_George @Bernadette any ideas?

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Thanks James!

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You’re welcome, do me a favour and add your surname for me please. :slight_smile:

Yes , I have a couple of options that might suit , if you get @linz to phone me on 0607155451 , I will check with clients/ friends on availability , all are dog friendly



Gladly, except I can’t work out how to do it. I hate admitting defeat, but I have at least tried! It’s just asking me why I want to edit the post… and if I go to my profile I can’t see how to edit there either.

Sorry to be so feeble.


Tell me and I’ll do it for you :wink:

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I’m a Hill - thank you!

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Hi Rod, thanks very much. I have no signal where I’m staying at the moment, but will call you as soon as I can.