Account renewal

Hi peps I wonder if any of you guys can help I keep getting hot mail account renewal requests that look pretty official, asking me submit personal details to give

or my account will be closed soon, is this a scam or has anyone else had these mails ,they have photo’s and official logo’s and icons if its a scam its a good one my question is why would they need me to give in details that they should already have ,any light shed on this would be gratefully received.

I am on apple, but i would suggest that you give no details. If it walks like a phishing scheme, talks like a phishing scheme, that’s probably what it is. Contact hotmail help, which I am sure you have already don.

cheers nick I will report them …I knew it smelled fishy

thanks Zoe

The first question is, do you use your account regularly? MS will not send you any reminders if you do, and they certainly won’t ask for any personal information, ever. They used to suspend email accounts if they hadn’t been used for 90 days, but it was just an email sent to let you know, nothing more.

I would report them as spam/phishing attack’s to Hotmail, who will then deal with them accordingly.

Have you given any information to any other third party? If so I would change your password immediately, to something much stronger - install lastpass in your browser to help generate such a password. Have a look in the forums here, for a post I put up recently on password strength, and perhaps one of the great web tools to help you keep and create stronger passwords for your accounts.



It sounds like a phishing email to me. They do look very official! There’s two things you can do, hover (don’t click!) over the link in the email and see what domain name it is going to direct you to, it will probably be a strange domain name that has nothing to do with hotmail. Also you can open a new browser window and navigate to your hotmail account directly, do not click on the link in the email. If there are any issues hotmail will surely advise you when logged in to your account.

Hope that helps!