Just wondered if anyone could advise me on how much I should be paying for an accountant.

I am ex-AE now Entreprise Individuel, regime simplifie, with TVA mini reel with a projected turnover this year of about 50,000. I have just had a meeting with a helpful lady in the Cabinet d'Experts Comptable and she has quoted me 188€ HT to do almost everything. I simply supply her with receipts, married up to my bank statement and all my invoices each month. She then does all the inputting, deals with the RSI, the Impots, the TVA and all the end of year stuff.

Obviously prices vary from area to area but just as a rough guide, what do other business owners think? Personally, I am quite capable of inputting myself (I do have notions of accounting) but the idea of handing it all over to someone else while I get on with promoting my business seems quite appealing. Then I think, gulp, 2000€ a year for someone to do what I could do on my own.....

I pay 1800€ a year to our local guy. I input all income/expenses/bank transactions into Excel spreadsheets and they do the rest. They throw in completing our income tax forms free of charge which I find too complicated because of the various properties we have in various places.

Cheers Andrew, for the amount of receipts you put through I guess that's pretty good value. I have to realise that earning over the AE limit results in even more outgoings and 221€ a month will give me more time to spend with the kids - clean the house, do the shopping and do my husbands accounts!!!! May be I'd be better of spending the money employing a cleaner.

Thanks Sandra, it seems a similar price but I get the inputting and reconciliations thrown in - but then I am only a EI on simplifiee so not that much inputting involved. Also, Beaune is quite an expensive area as well, the part that looks attractive is that she will deal with the RSI which will save me plenty of time. With 2 young children, that is what I am short of.

Hi Tracy, mine charges 1800€ a year for all the normal stuff, VAT, RSI, impôts etc. and as I haven't gotthe time, she does all the inputting of invoices and the run of the mill accounts for an extra 100€ a month. that sounds a lot but I haven't got the time to do otherwise and with all the hassle of sorting out the different impôts sur le revenu and impôt sur la société, dividendes at the end of the year too, plus I have non TVA stuff, 19.6% and 5.5% TVA etc etc. in the end her bill is very small compared to turnover and she should be able to pay for herself with the juggling to avoid being taxed too much ;-)

I do all the inputting, reconcile bank statements etc - accountant deals with impot, RSI etc. We are Sarl company and they charge Euro 525 per trimestre - approx Euro 2100 per year. She comes to my house, collects everything she needs and have never had to worry. We are located in the Lot-et-Garonne (47). She is French and speaks good English. Worth every penny.