Across the pond

For the last month I have been visiting my family who have emigrated to North America. Before that I visited the UK for the first time in some years.

It has been interesting to view my life at home in France in a somewhat detached manner. To note the similarities, to be aware of the differences in everyday life. And, if the truth be known, to appreciate how fortunate I am.

The USA and the UK both seem to have a major crisis at the highest levels. Countries full of people who want to undermine democracy in the pursuit of personal glory. Back home we have to economise on electricity and water. Here in Canada nobody ever turns off the lights and half the cars on the road are gas guzzling monstrosities.

I am enjoying my stay here. The salmon are running and I get the chance to eat really fresh fish. The immensity of the country never fails to impress and it is refreshing to live in an environment where wildlife is still abundant.



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Canada is a country I would love to see more of,only a visit to be a bridesmaid to an ex flatmate in Toronto and a nightstop in Vancouver(work)Both visits over 30 years ago.
I now alternate between a beautiful Devon coastal town (to help care for elderly mother)and near a town in Maine et Loire where we worked and brought up our family.Times were often hard moneywise as being self employed here didn’t make us rich(taxes and social charges!) nor did general employment( earning the SMIC) until our retirement but we also benefited from French government aids for bringing up families,the occasional unemployment benefit and La Retraite at 63(though in my case a tiny one)
When I am in UK I despair at the politians but am amazed at how much cheaper food is(Mum lives near a good Lidl)I’ve really had to cut down on food shopping here in France but its all the better for my health,always a cauli,salad and red cabbage,oranges etc from the nearest Biocop .
So all in all even though I may well have to move back to UK full time to care for mum I also class myself as being very fortunate living here and hope this can continue.
I was recently watching Michael Portillo (rail journeys through Canada)going through Banff and that fired my interest.
Enjoy the rest of your trip