Activites for super active 9yr old with broken ankle!

The title says it all. My daughter is now in a plaster cast for the next 10 days after a birthday party spent mainly on a trampoline. Not a great start to the holidays for a child who does not watch TV or read books as she physically never sits still long enough. We have cancelled the week of sports discovery that was booked for next week and hoping that she will get away to her sports camp on the 28 July. It is a catastrophe of epic proportions as I work from home and it is already driving us both mad - bright ideas anyone.

theres a kit and they can make anything from bracelets, hairbands, keyrings, models...

yes - or dresses which sell on Ebay for over 90k...Loom Band Dress

Here's hoping for a quick recovery Tracy! I've just had my first active week after 2 weeks with the knee brace on...and I feel so much better. I don't really do sitting down very well. Even now I'm stood up typing perched at the kitchen island.

How about creating zones of activities? move her about round the garden or house and set up something for her to do in each zone. I know I got bum ache sitting on the same sofa for hours so I moved about onto different chairs in different rooms, even sat on the beds for a change!

At 9 can she make lunch or cakes on her own perched at the kitchen table with leg up on chair?

In the garden could she do some bedding plants or potting or something for you? How about painting plant pots?

Bon Courage!

Are they the little elastics they make into bracelets etc?

loom bands?