Acupuncture, complementary and beauty therapies

(jane Hillman) #1

HI i have just joined this site.
I am currently studying a degree in acupuncture and also qualified in massage, reflexology, hot stones, Indian head massage, crystal therapy, reiki master and more also a beauty therapist and lecturer.
I am looking to relocate to France but Iam struggling to find anything that confirms that i can actually setup and work in these areas.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Jane

(stella wood) #2

Hi Jane… please will you update your Registration to show your full name…we are a friendly forum and we like to know with whom we are chatting… cheers :grinning:

(jane Hillman) #3

Thanks. Not sure how to. Technology and i dont get on but I will have a look

(jane Hillman) #5

Done thanks

(Anna Watson) #6

I think basically you’re going to have to check out the rules for each treatment you want to offer. For instance, massage as a well-being treatment (I’m not into the terminology but I guess that would be relaxation massage and not remedial massage?) seems to be OK, you don’t need any particular qualification:

On the other hand, beautician looks a bit more complicated, you need to be qualified to set up on your own

(jane Hillman) #7

Thank you. It seems to practice acupuncture I need to be a Dr. I need to investigate further any ideas where to go for advice?
I also run spiritual development courses and workshops…is that allowed?

(jane Hillman) #8

I am fully qualified and have been practicing beaury and complementary therapies for over 11 years. I work for myself but this has been a minefield. Thank you for the links it is looking promising.

(Anna Watson) #9

It will be easier if you can get set up before Brexit. Post Brexit , it may become harder to get UK qualifications and experience accepted in Europe.

(stella wood) #10

I shall be following this thread with interest, as I know a young Japanese lady who hopes to settle in France with her English husband. She is currently working in Australia, not sure exactly what… but seems to be facials, relaxation, beauty treatments and such stuff.

Clearly, she needs to identify exactly what she is doing and see how it translates into the French system… and then see what her qualifications will enable her to do…

Anyway… I shall be pleased to see how you get along @babyjane