Acupuncture, complementary and beauty therapies

HI i have just joined this site.
I am currently studying a degree in acupuncture and also qualified in massage, reflexology, hot stones, Indian head massage, crystal therapy, reiki master and more also a beauty therapist and lecturer.
I am looking to relocate to France but Iam struggling to find anything that confirms that i can actually setup and work in these areas.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Jane

Hi Jane… please will you update your Registration to show your full name…we are a friendly forum and we like to know with whom we are chatting… cheers :grinning:

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Thanks. Not sure how to. Technology and i dont get on but I will have a look

Done thanks

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I think basically you’re going to have to check out the rules for each treatment you want to offer. For instance, massage as a well-being treatment (I’m not into the terminology but I guess that would be relaxation massage and not remedial massage?) seems to be OK, you don’t need any particular qualification:

On the other hand, beautician looks a bit more complicated, you need to be qualified to set up on your own

Thank you. It seems to practice acupuncture I need to be a Dr. I need to investigate further any ideas where to go for advice?
I also run spiritual development courses and workshops…is that allowed?

I am fully qualified and have been practicing beaury and complementary therapies for over 11 years. I work for myself but this has been a minefield. Thank you for the links it is looking promising.

It will be easier if you can get set up before Brexit. Post Brexit , it may become harder to get UK qualifications and experience accepted in Europe.

I shall be following this thread with interest, as I know a young Japanese lady who hopes to settle in France with her English husband. She is currently working in Australia, not sure exactly what… but seems to be facials, relaxation, beauty treatments and such stuff.

Clearly, she needs to identify exactly what she is doing and see how it translates into the French system… and then see what her qualifications will enable her to do…

Anyway… I shall be pleased to see how you get along @babyjane

Hi Stella , Again I went with my daughter here and all her UK certs where allowed in France after which it is 500 euros for a 5 day welcome week etc explaining it all, then I understand the Carte Vitale folllows swiftly one would hope …

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the payment is for the course as well. its compulsory for most businesses. May seem like a lot of money but its to dissuade people from just setting up and just running businesses without having a clue. courses are in french so just be ready.

Hi , I understand that but I am told it’s not too bad English speakers have had help etc being an ex SARL I hope to assist my daughter through it . That’s the correct set up for Beauty as a Micro . ?

Do you know if it’s the same for Au pair/ Nanny qualified ?
And for a freelance Commercial agent ? Working in ÂŁ paid in the UK are both still under Micro ? My side of it

Also if you combine Beauty plus Nanny does it fall under the same regime one course ?

Think I need another visit to the Chambre du Mettiere to Check or a call

as its been said before, some things you can combine other things you cannot other things you can but they advise not to. the only way that question wil lbe answered is by the micro organisation. We can only speculate and honestly I have no clue as they are very very diferent services.


Hi Sue… we seem to be going round and round… under two different topic headings you have started…

Might be more straight forward for you to close both threads and start a completely new Topic… to discuss whatever questions you feel are still unanswered.


As Harry and Stella have said - random questions aren’t really the way forward.

As you’ll know from your SARL, France has a rather different attitude to businesses than the UK. France wants to make sure that all businesses are genuine, accountable and sustainable, and provide a useful service to society. It’s not like the UK where being a jack of all trades and doing whatever work you can grab to earn a few bob, is accepted and even encouraged.

Please don’t take offence at this next comment because it’s meant as good advice. Some of your comments could be read as suggesting somebody who is driven more by getting a carte vitale without much effort, than by somebody with a strong motivation to provide a particular service and build up a successful business, ready and willing to get stuck in, do the research, jump through the hoops and invest in training, insurances etc to achieve that. I’m sure that’s not the case, but up until recently there was a loophole and some Brits did used to abuse the system by setting up pretend “businesses” purely as a route to cheap healthcare. The loophole has been pretty much closed now but it created bad feeling, as all kinds of abuse tend to, and people are still a bit sensitive to it and take a dim view. So could I suggest you make sure you don’t unintentionally give the false impression you might be confusing running a business with healthcare.

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Thank you everyone I understand maybe trying to do many things at once, we are qualified in our Business and have always paid all our French home taxes, I am trying to find the best way forward no intentions other than making a decent living, To be honest my SARL was alarge Company I am not looking now for that scale of operation but I suppose living in fear of the unknown Brexit.
My children are born in France, I married and divorced in France and paid for 20 years into the System SARL , now fed up with the UK wanting to return and again pay in but in need to sort out the best route to be legal. Both of us only work 7 days a week so nothing less is our way of life, even at 65 its the way life is in the UK just no days off and that is the way it must continue in France, we are not fly by night operators its all or nothing for us .

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I have invested a lot of time and money into my business over the last 11 years. But I cannot work in France with a degree in Acupuncture as it is not accepted…It seems I need to be a doctor and doctors practice a totally different type of Acupuncture. Quite frustrating

Yes unfortunately some things aren’t possible. That’s why starting off from the standpoint of, "This is what I’m going to do, so how do I do it?"doesn’t always work, you have to start off by finding out what your options are and then deciding which to go with.

My original idea was to set up as a freelance journalist in France but France has strict rules on journalism, aimed at preventing precarity and abuse. If you work regularly for a publication, by law they have to put you on the staff payroll. They can only use freelancers as eg regional correspondents or one-off contributors. Different countries, different rules.

Thats frustrating I know laws on this are difficult, I know 2 English people doing it in my area all legal though, I have had all of our Certificates conformed and accepted so far so good …