Add any funny doggy vids here

Hi all. Been out of circulation for a while, domestic stuff, and will be in England for a while to see to family stuff BUT I thought we could use this discussion to post any funny vids we find on Ytube or indeed our own.

Jim will be around at home but I am not sure if I can get stuff for a bit as I will be travelling around. Keep the pics and vids coming and welcome to all the new members… Gina

sorry miss-read the title there, Gina

Great exercise for them, running around in all directions, even though they didn't stand a chance, lol.

Corgi puppies chasing a dragonfly

Not a YouTube, just our older pointer teaching the puppy the best way to grab a kid...

sorry - failed - can't upload a home vid. Here's a still instead. ![](upload://7DZAWURtcZ23ScsNbO9p4qutPba.JPG)

This is so much like our Poppy.

Thanks Julie. I had seen that one before and I just love the one in the middle looking right at him. Very tempting.

This is the other end of the dog scale. Some of these are as big as horses. G.

Same here. such control… G.

Magic… Just seen this… G.

I have been showing this video in the vain hope that !!!

Bonne Chance a tous. G.

This one on our dog blog is pretty funny, here is the link Dogs Having Dinner . It is a YouTube video but its embedded here if you follow the link. Really funny and worth a look.

Hi All

I am going to be in a play at the end of the month and a well wishing friend of mine !!! sent this video as I expressed a desire to sing on stage again… Great sense of humour.

G . PS you can come at the end of the month - I won’t be singing in that one !! G.

What a hoot. The dog is actually encouraging the cat to wash him. Great G.

Absolutely brilliant. We watched with amazement. Some dog eh. thanks Suzi Gina x

This one is great, they look like they’re having sooooo much fun!

Yeh I just found another one. this is Gus and he has brains !!! Watch and enjoy… G.

This is very special. What a great bond they have. G .

I just found this on the internet. Hilarious. If you love dogs , you will love this. Sorry not here much but back full time next week. G.